Road Works.

The main  road from Benigembla to
Castell de Castells

The roadwork's are still underway and should be finished end of May 2010

This is for the building of a new bridge and the laying of the new wider and straighter road.  It is all taking longer than first anticipated but when finished we are going to have a fantastic new route to the village.

The road from the Tramonti restaurant in Parcent and up over the Col de rates to Tarbena will bring you to Castell de Castells along a very pretty mountainous route.. 

The diversion shouldn't take more than 15 / 20 minutes and the views are spectacular.

We hope you will continue to visit our delightful little village.

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Phone: (34) 96 551 8067   
Town Hall / Ayuntamiento Castell de Castells

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