Talking at cross

With so many foreign residents and tourists, local businesses try hard to attract customers in their own languages.  Wherever you go, bars and restaurant often have the menu in English. However sometimes the results are more amusing than informative.

We've all got a few choice examples. My favourites are "perrito caliente" translated as "warm puppy" and "Conejo a la abuela" as "Rabbit's grandmother".

Information for tourists is sometimes just fed through a computer translation program, and the result can be virtually incomprehensible. 
A few years ago, I came across some descriptions of local villages on the Internet, and found that even the names of the villages had been translated.      Balones, a small agricultural village in the Vall de Seta, was described as:   "Balls are a small one it populates agricultural located in the Vall from  Mushroom."

But the English are notorious for not learning the local language, so we're in no position to criticise. When we had the old bar, a regular customer      recommended it to one of his friends.  The next time he saw him,  he asked him if liked it.   "Oh, I couldn't find it, " said the friend,   you  said it  was  called  Bar La  Escuela, but the only one I  could  see was one
called    Bar Abierta. "

Restaurant L'Antiga Escola de Tollos

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