Over a period of time, more and more places were explored and then developed. After the
traditional crags and the 'convenience' crags along the coastal strip, attention was turned to looking further inland. The last few years have witnessed much activity by British climbers at the roadside outcrop near Alcalali and here in Castell de Castells. Possibly of little significance to most people, there is in fact a substantial outcrop in Barranca Famorca which has attracted the attention of the current activists. The difficulty of the climbs established so far are in the higher grades which will only really attract the most competent climbers seeking out esoteric venues. However, once the 'jungle telegraph' swings into action the village is likely see increasing numbers of the sun-starved Brit, not to mention other Northern European, visitors wandering about Castells searching for somewhere to sink a post-climb beer at the very least.
Information about what is going on can be found at the website:
www,rocktopos.com . This excellent website gives full details of the climbs, in Spanish & English, in photo-topo format. It can be downloaded and printed, and gives details of access to the crags. There is even a bouldering guide to the boulders in the barranco just below the main crag which may provide some shaded entertainment on a summer evening. 
So  beware, in future there may be many other scruffy reprobates marauding around the streets of the village, in addition to the ones already living at No. 34 San Joaquin, with chalk under their fingernails looking for sustenance at the end of the day.!

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