Agriculture and Museum in village of
Castell de Castells

To the visitor's eyes Castell de Castells is framed by impressive mountains. On top of the majestic Peņa del Castellet, the highest at over a thousand meters, are the remains of an Arabic castle. The town, crowned by the cupola of the church of Santa Ana, which dates from the 18th century, rises over the ruins of two Arab settlements. Here nature-lovers will find the ideal place to lose themselves in the endless number of paths among the pine trees, visit the L'Altar Gelat ( the Frozen Altar ) which the sun never reaches, and slake their thirst at the Fountains of L'Ombria and Texios.
The font de la Bota is the  oldest,                      situated  at the  entrance to the town.
Castell  de  Castells has received a special  prize  for 
' Tourist Merit '  in recognition  of  the Cultural
and Tourist services it provides.
The museum is one of the most advanced with an audiovisual montage. The ethnographic collection shows a traditional house with objects from everyday life and has audiovisual tape that evokes local customs ( in English and other languages ) from the beginning of the 20th century.  At the archaeological site at Petracos a platform has been erected to make it easier to see this macro-schematic art and the paintings are explained on six panels.

The museum arranges tours for Colleges, Schools and Universities.
Contact  councilor Yvonne  Hanney, from the e mail below to arrange a guided tour of the village and museum for groups of 10 or more.

Photographs of the
the caves at Petracos 4kms outside the village,
and the
prehistoric  cave paintings

Castell de Castells
Hotel Serrella

These mountains are scattered with walking tracks and we can
supply  some  walking route maps.
Photos to the right are the Fuentes d'Algar
30 minutes from Castells by car.

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