This area has been popular with walkers for many years now and the tracks around the village offer walkers many spectacular views of the mountains.  Near here is a walk up to ' Els Arcs'   enormous natural arches on the mountain side

Other good walks include the 5000 steps near Fliex.  These are part of an old mule track across the mountains  starting at the top and descending down to the dry river bed and up again on the other side. The walk takes you through  a man made arch in the rock.   We have the remains  of  an Arabic Castle  a  lovely  point  for  panoramic  views  of  the Costa Blanca.
  Many of the walks are clearly marked with sign posts. 

For accommodation in Castell de Castells there are Three Casa Rurals

Casa Pilar
Pension Castells ,
Casaanavera  and    The Hotel Serrella

Wednesday WalksI
If you enjoy walking in company, and would like to explore some of the beautiful countryside around Tollos and further a field, why not come on one of our Wednesday Walks?

Some people come regularly and others now and again when they're in the area on holiday. You don't have to be a 'member' - just phone a couple of days beforehand to tell us you're coming. The walks are easy to moderate, and all you need is sensible footwear (decent trainers or lightweight walking boots).

We meet at 10.00 every Wednesday from the beginning of October, usually at Tollos, but occasionally at another venue (we'll tell you when you book in) and set out - after coffee - for a 2 to 3 hour walk. Just right for working up a good appetite for the set lunch at about 1.30!
The walk plus lunch is 19 .
Please let us know a couple of days beforehand if you would like to come.

For more information, call us on 96 551 8328.

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Email: Casa Yvonne

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